Frequently asked Questions

How do I purchase for a school?

If your school uses a Purchase Order (P.O.) system, simply have your Business prepare and e-mail a PO to along with an e-mail address for music delivery..  Once the PO is received, your music will be sent.

Where are the downloadable links?

After you complete your paypal transaction, you should be re-directed back to Guitar Ensemble with a page of downloadable links.  In addition, you should receive an e-mail receipt with links.  Sometimes (very infrequently), there may be a delay between time of purchase and processing the link.   If you experience this for too long, please contact or see below.

Where is my e-mailed receipt with downloadable link(s)?

Sometimes the e-mailed receipt may wind up in your junk or spam folder.  Please check this before contacting.

I purchased the music several days ago but the links are no longer active

Links are only active for 2 days.  If you missed your chance to download, please contact.

Do I need a Paypal account to purchase?

Paypal is just a payment gateway.   If you don’t have Paypal, you can select “check out with a credit card”.